EV Nova Landing Picts / Alien Landscapes

These pictures were created for use by designers of plug-ins for Ambrosia's science fiction computer game: Escape Velocity Nova (EV Nova or EV3). I reserve all copyrights to all of my artwork, for any and all purposes (such as selling, publishing, displaying, etc.). EV Nova plug-in designers may use my landing picts displayed here free of charge and as often as they like, so long as they obey the following restrictions:

*Give me credit in your plug-in (Judy Krauss, judelk (at) yahoo (dot) com, www.wondrousuniverse.com).

*Distribute the plug-in only as freeware (do not sell it).

*Send me an e-mail letting me know which plug-in(s) my work is being used in, and where I can download the plug-in(s) when it is finished.

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**ATTENTION! Click here for Jude's EV/EVO/EV Nova Landing Pictures copyright and usage information.**

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Artwork created on various Apple PowerMac computers with Bryce, Painter and Graphic Converter.

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